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Cellulose Acetate Hair Accessories: Why you should opt for quality over quantity

Cellulose Acetate Hair Accessories: Why you should opt for quality over quantity

Here at Speckle Accessories Australia, we pride ourselves on our signature line of luxury hair accessories.  While you can find cheaper, plastic hair accessories in pretty much any women's fashion store, we're sure you'll agree that the quality of these hair clips isn't always great and they can break after a few months of wear. We know our customers consider their hairstyle to be just as important as their clothes when putting together outfits, so why should you be forced to replace your hair clips every few months? And why are most cheap hair accessories just so boring?

cellulose acetate hair accessories

With these questions in mind, we created our hair claw clips to fill the gap for affordable, high quality hair accessories. Our highly regarded supplier has been creating these luxury French clips since 1892, so we can say with confidence that these hair accessories are the best you can find on the market.

Our acrylic hair accessories start life as sheets of cellulose acetate, or resin. Cellulose acetate is the favoured material for most high quality accessories that are designed to last, like designer sunglasses for example. It is extremely durable, flexible and is made from 100% natural materials. It is this flexibility that makes it so perfect for use in the hair. The cellulose acetate will mould itself to the shape of your head, meaning that you can avoid any headaches that you would normally get when wearing a plastic headband, for example. It's flexibility also means it does not go brittle or snap. The resin is polished until it is exceptionally smooth, so it won't catch on or break your hair, either.

cellulose acetate hair accessories

Every one of our luxury hair clips is made to a painstaking ten step process. Unlike cheap plastic hair accessories, the cellulose acetate is not poured into a mould for easy mass production. Each French clip is cut with hand-held lasers, shaped and polished, all by hand. They are then fitted with a high quality steel clasp. With care, your new Speckle claw clip, barrette or comb should last you years and years!

As for the striking designs that feature in all of our beautiful french clips, unlike plastic hair accessories, the designs are not painted on once the hair clip has been completed. The patterns are created inside each sheet of cellulose acetate, which gives each accessory a wonderful depth of colour that you just don't see in plastic hair clips. The design will not flake off, scratch or fade. As the colourings are not created by a machine for mass production, each of our luxury hair accessories will look slightly different, meaning your hair claw, clip or barrette is a true individual, to be looked after and treasured for years to come.

cellulose acetate hair accessories south Australia

Many of our beautiful Speckle ornaments come with handset Swarovski Crystals, so if you're looking for a true statement piece with quality to match, take a look through our collection of Speckle hair accessories – you'll never buy plastic again!

cellulose acetate hair accessories Sydney australia

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