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tips on looking after yourself in lockdown

Here are some suggestions on how to look after your mental health while in lockdown

At Speckle Australia, we care about you and your well-being. If you're feeling down because of lockdown or you want some ideas of what to do during this critical time, here are some tips on looking after you mental and physical health. 

1. Stay connected with people 

stay connected with people in lockdown

Now, more than ever, increasing numbers will join those already in self-isolation so now is the right time to catch up with your acquaintances and really connect with your close friends and family, who also need your support now. 

2. Learn new recipes 

new recipe to try in lockdown

Many people have become lockdown chefs during this time due to boredom. If you're like me who loves eating out and food delivery, then this time is the perfect time to learn new recipes. Now I know that cooking is not really hard when you follow the recipe. Cooking is a great activity to do because it's quite therapeutic. You can go to tiktok where there are many channels showcasing their cooking instructions. They are short and really easy to understand. 

3. Creativity can increase happiness 

Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Everyone

Have you ever heard of Paint-by-number kit? Painting by numbers lets you create your own masterpieces, separating the work into smaller pieces focusing on one part at a time. 

4. Take care of your skin 

In lockdown and work from home, you get a chance to stay away from those harmful UV rays. It is now time to level up your skincare routine from head to toe. 

skin care routine

skin care routine

5. Meditation 

benefits of meditation in lockdown

6. Stay active and positive 

yoga exercise in lockdown

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