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SPECKLE: Sustainable Shopping from Start to Finish with Eco-Friendly Packaging

SPECKLE: Sustainable Shopping from Start to Finish with Eco-Friendly Packaging

So you've discovered the ideal sustainable product. You've put it in your online shopping cart, clicked "checkout," and are now waiting for it to arrive. However, it's difficult not to be disappointed when it arrives in a lot of single-use plastic packaging.

We're all becoming more conscious of the significance of shopping sustainably. However, the entire process, from product manufacturing to delivery through your doorstep, must be environmentally sustainable.

At Speckle, we've made it a top priority to find eco-friendly packaging that complements your purchase perfectly, not just in terms of beauty but also in terms of sustainability. Here are 5 different forms of ‘Speckle' packaging that will help you have a sustainable shopping experience from beginning to end...

1. Compostable Mailers

100% Compostable Mailers at Speckle Accessories

Our lovely mailers are completely compostable! We get them from the environmentally friendly company ‘HEAPSGOOD' which uses a plant-based corn and straw combination. Because this technique accounts for only 0.05 percent of the world's annual crop, it's ideal for environmentally friendly packaging.

2. Eco-Friendly Tissue Paper & Sticker

100% Eco Friendly Stickers

Normally, gift wrap is a no-no for the environment, so we were thrilled to discover an eco-friendly choice from ‘HEAPSGOOD.' Customers can expect elegant packaging prepared with personalized stickers and tissue printed with soy ink (a renewable resource). Unlike other commonly used petroleum inks, this ink does not emit hazardous fumes that contribute to air pollution.

3. 100% Recyclable E-Commerce Boxes

Sustainable Packagings at Speckle Accessories

Our e-commerce cartons are 100 percent recyclable! We believe it is critical that our packaging serves several purposes, thus we encourage you to recycle or repurpose them as gift boxes for your friends.

4. Jewellery Pouches Are Made From Organza Fabric 

Our organza bags are reusable

Organza Bags are Re-usable. The key eco friendly credential of this bag is that it creates a low carbon footprint when it is created and shipped to us. This is because the material used to make these bags is sourced locally, they are man made and we have them shipped to us by sea.




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